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My name is Olivier Girardot. I am a French Music Composer and Sound Designer located in Berlin. I work for art films, commercials, video games, board games, sound libraries and lately, virtual reality projects too.

I have a music background that goes way back to my early childhood. I got my first guitar at the age of 3 and I started learning piano and music theory at the age of 8. After learning several other instruments and playing in various bands, I began my professional career in 2005. Quickly after, I entered the sound design field as well.

Since then, I have composed music and provided sound design work for brands like Samsung, Daikin, Nissan, Air Berlin, Mitsubishi and more. I also work for television channels such as  Arte and Canal+.

I have created literally thousands of sound effects and sound atmospheres. These have been used in several fantasy and science-fiction video games, and for the board game sound interface on Battlebards.

My sound design work is strongly influenced by both the fantasy and science fiction scenes from the past 5 decades. Films like 2001: a Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Brazil, Tron, Star Trek, Alien, Lord of the Rings, Pan’s Labyrinth, Harry Potter, and Eraserhead amongst many others.

Feel free to contact me for any custom request, any suggestions, or questions you might have.

Here are some examples of my Sound Effects and Music work:



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