Werewolf Male Transformation – Fantasy track – Monsters Album


Here is an illustration of one of the most famous legends: Werewolves.

This is the Female version of the Werewolf transformation Sound Effect. Check out the Male version HERE !

In this scene a man is going through a painful transformation into a Werewolf. He is probably hiding in the forest out of sight. It’s dark despite the full moon glowing. The wind is blowing. The man feels the pain in his bones and starts moaning and breathing loudly. The first signs of the transformation are showing up. The process accelerates and we can hear the bones cracking, clothes being ripped apart, and the skin cracking under the pressure. The man screams of pain, while his human cries slowly change into beastly growls. The transformation ends in a huge apotheosis of growls and cracks before the calm of the forest takes over, only disturbed by the heavy breathing of the beast. The transformation is complete and the werewolf takes off, probably looking for some fresh live humans for food !

This is an immersive track, but can also be used in the background for your films, documentaries and video games.

This Sound Effect is included in the “Monsters” album that you can purchase for only $12 here:

Werewolf Male Transformation - Fantasy track - Monsters Album

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