Free Sound Effects – Sample Pack 1


These 17 entirely free sound effects are just a small sample of the high quality sounds available at OGSoundFX.

Files are WAV 48kHz 24-bit format and one 44.1kHz file.


Here is a selection of royalty-free sound effects for you to sample what we offer at OGsoundFX.

If you are not yet decided whether you are ready to purchase sound effects packs from this website, these 17 samples should help you make up your mind.  In this collection you will find very high quality sounds suitable for feature films, indie as well as AAA video games, and any professional project that requires high fidelity sound design.

The selection included here is varied, featuring realistic & fantasy sounds ranging from monsters, guns and an earthquake, to a medieval tavern, to simple rain or a sidewalk crowd.

All files are in WAV 48kHz 24-bit format with one 44.1kHz file.

Sound Effects List

File Name File Type Sampling Rate File Size (Bytes)
Chemistry reaction 3 – Big.wav WAV File 48 kHz 2,876,500
Crowd – City Sidewalk-SAMPLE.wav WAV File 48 kHz 18,512,122
Ghost Manifestation 1.wav WAV File 48 kHz 4,638,814
Ghosts & Monsters Album – Coming Soon – Dragon Spit Fire 1.wav WAV File 48 kHz 2,518,510
Ghosts & Monsters Album – Coming Soon – Monster Bite on Armor.wav WAV File 48 kHz 656,320
Guns & Explosions Album – Explosion 2.wav WAV File 48 kHz 2,334,846
Guns & Explosions Album – Flare gun 5-2.wav WAV File 48 kHz 894,846
Guns & Explosions Album – Gat-21_6.wav WAV File 48 kHz 264,814
Guns & Explosions Album – Heavy Object Impact 4.wav WAV File 48 kHz 525,538
Guns & Explosions Album – Machine Gun 1.wav WAV File 48 kHz 351,838
Medieval City-SAMPLE.wav WAV File 44.1 kHz 5,077,242
Natural Disaster Album – Coming Soon – Earthquake 1 – Big.wav WAV File 48 kHz 13,278,970
Sleeping spell 1.wav WAV File 48 kHz 3,342,814
Underground Atmospheres Album – Ice Cavern – SAMPLE.wav WAV File 48 kHz 6,395,998
Underground Atmospheres Album – Secret door.wav WAV File 48 kHz 2,747,902
Walking in ChainMail – Loop.wav WAV File 48 kHz 2,618,590
Weather Effects Album – Rain pouring on Leafy surface – SAMPLE.wav WAV File 48 kHz 5,683,294
17 files     72,718,958


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