Magic Spells Pack


This micro pack contains 18 of the individually-available Magic Spells samples seen on the front page and more, for a total of 63 Mb: a great solution for small budget projects such as fantasy video games or films.

All files are stereo 24-bit 48kHz WAV format.


Here are mostly dark or black magic spells. Some of them bring skeletons back to life, where you can hear the sound of a pile of bones shaking, banging together, colliding, and building up to form back the skeleton as it used to be. Elsewhere in an overwhelming flood of magic sounds a monster skeleton rises and comes back to life. We can even hear its rasping voice towards the end, in an expression of utter satisfaction.

There are other magic spells that freeze objects or living beings. We can hear the energy of the spell building up until it releases its full power on the target. The aimed object or person immediately freezes. We can hear the crackle sound of the ice or stone into which the target was turned.

You will also find spells that put people or creatures to sleep in an instance. The energy builds up and releases its power and effect towards the target and puts it to sleep. High pitch noises and twinkling sounds indicate that the spell was successful, and now the target is resting peacefully in the world of limbo.

Levitate spells, daemon summoning, trance, instant vegetation growth are also included in the 18 spells of this micro album, sold for only $ 6,99.

Here is a little preview of this album:

All my sound effects are made using my own personal recordings. For this album, I created artificially magical sounds using synthesizers and a lot of effects.

I also used some studio recordings to add more life and a natural touch to the magic.

Then I manipulated the recordings in my home studio to make them sound deeper, more intense and more realistic.

Often used are several layers of recordings to which I add the artificial sounds I have created.

The reason I choose this approach is to create ‘larger than life sounds” which is often required in films, documentaries and video games to give a much stronger impact to a scene.

We all remember the “punch in the face” sounds from Indiana Jones!

Sound Effects List

File Name File Type Sampling Rate File Size (Bytes)
Magic Spell 1 – Animating Skeleton 1 WAV File 48 kHz 3 791 000
Magic Spell 2 – Animating Skeleton 2 WAV File 48 kHz 4 605 000
Magic Spell 3 – Hold Person Spell 1 WAV File 48 kHz 2 421 000
Magic Spell 4 – Hold Person Spell 2 WAV File 48 kHz 2 708 000
Magic Spell 5 – Hold Person Spell 2-2 WAV File 48 kHz 2 708 000
Magic Spell 6 – Sleeping spell 1 WAV File 48 kHz 3 265 000
Magic Spell 7 – Sleeping spell 2 WAV File 48 kHz 2 914 000
Magic Spell 8 – Hypnotize spell WAV File 48 kHz 3 124 000
Magic Spell 9 – Levitate Spell 1 WAV File 48 kHz 3 299 000
Magic Spell 10 – Levitate Spell 2 WAV File 48 kHz 4 499 000
Magic Spell 11 – Levitate Spell 3 WAV File 48 kHz 4 734 000
Magic Spell 12 – Trance spell WAV File 48 kHz 3 405 000
Magic Spell 13 – Deamon summoning WAV File 48 kHz 7 062 000
Magic Spell 14 – Fire Ball WAV File 48 kHz 4 662 000
Magic Spell 15 – Growing Nature Spell 1 WAV File 48 kHz 2 802 000
Magic Spell 16 – Growing Nature Spell 2 WAV File 48 kHz 1 830 000
Magic Spell 17 – Growing Nature Spell 3 WAV File 48 kHz 3 335 000
Magic Spell 18 – Growing Nature Spell 4 WAV File 48 kHz 3 405 000
18 files 64 569 000


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