Easy Going Medieval Tavern – With Fantasy – Atmospheres Collection


This scene takes place in a calm medieval tavern probably during day time. It’s not too crowded and the customers are not completely drunk. Except from a couple of them snoring in a corner or suffering from a hiccup. It is not just a historical representation as you can hear all sorts of creatures in the tavern drinking and mingling, Orcs, giants, wizards and goblins for instance.
This track is very detailed, we can almost make out every single person in this tavern. At one table they are playing dice, some are talking or telling tales, and others are just drinking and laughing. The barman is pouring glasses and asking new customers what they want to drink.
There is the occasional “lady of the night” enticing some of the customers.

And there is the band playing in the background, receiving a well deserved applause at the end of their set.

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All tracks are High Quality 48Khz/24 bit WAV files.

Easy Going Medieval Tavern - With Fantasy - Atmospheres Collection

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