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  • Guns & Explosions Pack

    Crash! Boom! Run for cover! This pack of total audio warfare, destruction and chaos contains an impressive 427 tracks totaling more than 530 Mb. All files are stereo 24-bit 48kHz WAV format - except for two 44.1kHz and one 96kHz file.

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  • Underground Atmospheres Pack

    A collection of underground atmospheres including the sounds of old tunnels, sewers, subway galleries, natural caves and caverns of all sizes and depths. All atmospheric tracks are loops. 33 tracks: 1.4 Gb plus free bonus sounds.  Files are almost all stereo 24-bit 48kHz WAV format.

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  • Weather Effects Pack

    High definition 48kHz sound effects and ambient loops of winds, storms, rain, lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes and more for your indie video game or other project. Totals 41 minutes with over 680 Mb of high-quality sound effects. All files stereo 24-bit 48kHz WAV format.

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  • Desert Wind Loops With & Without Animals – Two tracks

    Two tracks of arid, deserted soundscape loops, with and without animals. You'll feel sand in your mouth and sweat in your eyes as you listen to these. 80+ Mb of high definition sound. Files are stereo 24-bit 48kHz WAV format.

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  • Free Sound Effects – Sample Pack 1

    These 17 entirely free sound effects are just a small sample of the high quality sounds available at OGSoundFX. Files are WAV 48kHz 24-bit format and one 44.1kHz file.

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1 - 5 out of 5. You are browsing per page.

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