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Hi Everyone!  I am very excited to launch this website, it’s been a side project for a while now and it has finally come together.  My profession involves creating sound effects and soundscapes for anything from artistic videos and installations to documentaries and video games – so why not put my expertise to the service of others out there who may need high-quality sounds to use in their own projects?  Out of this, this website is born.  There are only six sound packs for sale right now but they are pretty beefy, the biggest Premium Pack right now being almost 1.5Gb’s worth of 24-bit stereo 48kHz WAV files.

There will be more and more in the coming weeks and months to come, so make sure to sign up for our newsletter from the footer of any page on the website – you’ll not only get a free pack with a sampling of 27 effects selected across the different sound banks for sale, but you’ll also get an e-mail alert whenever there is a new one online for sale, or whenever we have one or more of our items on sale on the website.  So sign up and don’t miss out!

A word about the differences between the different packs on sale: the Free Samples, Micro Packs, Standard Packs, and Premium Packs.  Free Samples are pretty self-explanatory: they are free for you to download and use as you wish, and they are sound samples that have been selected to give you an idea of what is in the other packs.  Inside the .zip files, the sounds are arranged in folders according to what other packs they come in, for your easy reference. All of the files included across all packs are 24-bit stereo 48kHz WAV format.

The difference between Micro, Standard and Premium packs is essentially the quantity of effects in the .zip file.  A Micro pack will have just a few files and may be 50 to 100 Mb in size, Standard Packs will have anywhere from a few tens to several dozen sounds and will usually be about 100 Mb to 700 Mb in size, while Premium Packs remove all the stops and give you literally tens of variations on the dozens of sounds included.  They will be anywhere between 500 Mb and 1.5 Gb in size, so I hope you have a good internet connection!

I’ll be putting updates up on this News page as they come along, as well as the odd discount code too.  Speaking of which, to reward you for reading this far down, if you insert the discount code OGSOUNDFXLAUNCH in all capital letters at checkout, you can get a 50% discount on everything on the site until Thursday November 16th, 2017.

Last but not least, I’d like to give a big shout out and THANK YOU! to Anthony and the guys at www.Design-Lab-8.com who put our website together in record time, and who exceeded our every expectation – just look around at this shiny new (and responsive!) website!  If you do find any bugs or have any comments, please drop us a line or leave a comment!

Oliv out for now – keep making beautiful music, everyone 🙂

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