Desert Wind Loops
Micro Pack


Two tracks of arid, deserted soundscape loops, with and without animals. You'll feel sand in your mouth and sweat in your eyes as you listen to these.

80+ Mb of high definition sound. Files are stereo 24-bit 48kHz WAV format.


This is a realistic arid, sandy desert soundscape. The strong wind blowing into the sand, a camel or a hawk in the background, a bug crawling swiftly at your feet… The listener almost feels like spitting out the sand that’s blowing into their mouth when listening to this desertic soundscape.

There are two versions of this track: with and without animals, depending on what you are looking for. Both tracks loop seamlessly for as long as needed in your projects.

Sound Effects List

File Name File Type Sampling Rate File Size (Bytes)
Desert Soundscape – Wind – Loop.wav WAV File 48 kHz 41,502,678
Desert Soundscape – Wind – With animals – Loop.wav WAV File 48 kHz 41,502,678
2 files 83,005,356


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